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New Seminar Information

There has not been a recent Caregiver Seminar. Perhaps caregivers are confused by the numerous 'free' seminars and wonder why they should pay for one when they can get the same information free. The answer is, Free seminars do not offer the same information as one developed and presented by an Aging Life Care Professional with more than 20 years of experience. Caregivers who complete the Caregiver Seminar usually do not need to hire a professional to guide through through the medical maze or help evaluate long term care communities or understand the side effects of medications on an older body.

The Caregiver Seminar is 8 hours of intensive education in every aspect of ElderCare. It's goal is to help caregivers learn the skills that will enable them to be better caregivers while reducing the stress. A minimum of 10 participants is required. When I have 10 people interested I will propose a meeting site and time. Dallas is huge! One site may not be convenient for everyone, so the class may not make. Keep sending me your interest, and I'll continue to try to schedule a class in a good area for you at a good time.


I. BASIC ELDERCARE – topics will include
    Glossary and definitions – understand what you are dealing with            
    Basic assessment (what you need to know)
    Caring for the Caregiver: Guilt and Stress                
    Changing the way you communicate
    Setting Boundaries
    Long distance caregiving
    How your ‘convoy’ changes over the lifespan
    Delegating care
    Financial assessment
    Local and national resources

    Spectrum from independent living through nursing home
    Facility assessment ratings
    The cost of staying at home
    Fall Prevention
    Home modifications
    How to pay for care
    LTC insurance
    Medicaid criteria

    Normal physiological aging
    Cognition and aging
    Common medications
    Dangers of herbals
    Questions to ask
    Chronic conditions
    Finding a physician - geriatrician
    Changing treatment goals with age
    Medicare/Medicaid/ HMO’s
    Medicare D

IV. Legal & Financial Options, and Death & Dying
    Identify Assets
    Saving the caregiver
    Family meetings
    Glossary of death terms
    Saying goodbye
    DNR, OOHDNR, 5 Wishes
    Life review

Request a Seminar

Contact Kay about conducting a seminar in your area.

E-Mail: Kay@kaypaggi.com

Phone: 972-839-0065
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