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It Shouldn’t Be This Way: the failure of long term care
 by Robert Kane, M.D. & Joan West.     

    Dr. Kane is a nationally known geriatrician who specializes in studying the delivery of long term care services. You would think he would be able to insure the very best care for his own mother. However, when his mother suffered a stroke in 1999, Dr. Jane and his sister Joan West experienced the same frustrations common to most adult children who are providing care for frail parents. They label the long term care system in the U.S. a “national disgrace.” 
     Kane and West tell their story in this book, and share the lessons they learned along the way. Their hope is that reading it will help prepare other adult children for what they are likely to face as caregivers. The book includes practical suggestions on how to approach frequently encountered problems. They conclude that there is no way to adequately prepare for the challenges of caregiving because the system is basically unworkable. Therefore the intention of this book is to promote activism is improving the way long term care is provided. There should be a better way!  

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