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Samples of Mental Aerobics

Make a New Word
   Change the 2nd letter of each word to the right and left (in both columns) into the same letter. Two new words will be formed. Place the letter used to make the new word in the center column. When completed the letters in the center will form a word.    
   Example: if the word on the left were Care and the one on the right were Pile, the 2nd letters of both words could be changed to ‘o’ to form core and pole. 

Place the new letter in the blank between the columns, when finished, read the letters in the blanks column to find the new word.
Star     _____          Ants
Play     _____          Blow
Sack    _____         Wane
Acid    _____         Shut
Tear     _____         Arks
Ripe     _____         Vale
Goat     _____         Ions 

Logic Problem

Tom & Joe each have 2 jobs. The four jobs are: an attorney, an auto mechanic, a carpenter, and a teacher. Use these clues to determine what 2 jobs each man has. (I suggest making a chart)

1. The carpenter does not know to fix cars.
2. Tom is not the teacher.
3. Joe is not the carpenter.


Rhyming Halves
  Each clue below leads to a 2-syllable word whose 2 halves rhyme (like VOODOO & NITWIT). The number in parenthesis indicates how many letters the answer contains. 

1. Distress signal (6)
2. Preserve (8)
3. Disheveled (6)
4. Carrot top (7)
5. Garcia devotee (8)
6. Petula Clark hit (8)
7. Recipe compendium (8)
8. Ado (6)
9. Amateur gymnast’s feat (9)
10. Stadium seating (10)

What is the next letter: O-T-T-F-F-S-S-?
What is the next number: 4     5    6      7    8    9
                                         61  52   63   94   46  ?
Verbal Equations: 
 Ex: 7 = D. of W. (answer: 7 = days of the week) 
 Ex: 26 = L. in the A. (answer = 26 letters in the alphabet) 
1.  7 W of the A.W. 
2.  1001 A.N. 
3.  12 S of the Z 
4.  54 C. in a D. (with the J.) 
5.  9 P. in the S.S. 
6.  88 P.K. 
7.  13 S on the A.F. 
8.  32 D. at which W.F. 
9.  18 H. on a G.C. 
10. 90 D. in a R.A. 

 What number is 200 times one-fourth of one-half of 32?

Decipher this familiar saying: 
    "Compounds of hydrogen and oxygen in the proportion of two to one that are without visible movement invariably tend to flow with profundity." 
What is the 5-digit number (no zeros) in which the first digit multiplied by the last digit equals the second digit, and the second digit subtracted from the fourth digit leaves the third digit? (The second digit is twice the first and the sum of all the digits = 24.)
    Fill in each blank with the name of a flower.
1. Part of an eye_____
2. Footwear_________
3. One way to get rich quick_____
4. A vegetable that does not need sugar_
5. A dressed-up ferocious animal____
6. A flower between hills___________
7. A pretty girl who has been jilted____
8. A man’s name and what he writes with___
9. What shepherds watch_______
10. What Billy did when he sat on a tack__
11. Results from Cupid’s arrow_______
12. A bird and a riding accessory_____
13. A sweetheart’s farewell_________
14. The rising sun_______________
15. A country with a lot of motor transportation__
16. A dairy product and a dish________
17. What unmarried men often lose____
18. What he did when he proposed______
19. An amiable man_________________
20. Neat ranks_____________________
 Here are some items that are also names of places. How many can you name?

1.     A warlike woman that is also a river.
2.     An American Indian home that is a CO city. 
3.     A fowl that is a Middle Eastern country.
4.     A type of large store than is the name of a city in KS.
5.     A grassy plain that is a seaport.
6.     A type of tableware that is an Asian country.
7.     A large animal that is a lake port.
8.     A type of bird that is a group of islands.
9.    Glazed earthenware that is a Dutch city.
10.  Golden brown that is a state prison.
11.   A carriage that is an English county.
12.  Higher in degree or rank and a lake.  
Match the candy with its description.
     Stars in the sky___________
    Very cold________________
    Home run hitter___________
    2 girls__________________
    War planet_______________
    He’s a good man___________
    Fall guy__________________
    Chicken feed______________
    Goodbye token____________
     Money-making place_______
     Happy nut________________
    Try to cheat __________________

Enter a 3-letter word in each blank below in order to make two 6-letter words, one that begins with the left side 3-letter word, and another that ends with right-side 3-letter word. For example: LEE ______ CAP            Insert the word RED to make Leered and Redcap.

1.   KID ____ KIN
2.    CAR ____ ATE
3.    HAS ____ ANT
4.    CAN ____ ION
5.    SEA ____ NET
6.     FRO ____ LED
7.     LEG ____ EAR
8.     OUT ____ HER
This addition problem uses letters instead of numbers. Each number has been replaced with a letter, the same number each time the letter appears. Find the numbers that were substituted in order to make a correct addition problem. (Ciphering)


O = ?
H = ?
N = ?
Doublets - A great classic word game invented by Lewis Carroll - transform one word into another, changing only one letter at a time.   EX: Turn HEAD into TAIL


Turn APE into MAN
Turn PIG into STY
What Do You Know about MONEY?

      The missing element is each phrase below is a coin or a unit of currency.
1. Brother, can you spare a ______?
2. _______ from Heaven.
3. _____  ______ legs.
4. Shave and a haircut, ______.
5. Not worth a plugged _____.
6. ______ of flesh.
7. Baby _____ piano.
8. _______ Rogers.
9. March of ______.
10. ______ wise and _____foolish.
11. What this country needs is a good ______  _______ cigar.
12. _______  master.
13. The Almighty ______.
14. I found a ____  ____ baby in the _____ &  _____ ____ store.
15. _____ante.

Letters have been substituted for numbers
  AB                               12
+CD                            + 34
___                               ___
  DF                               46               
In this example, the numbers 1,2,3,4,6, have been substituted for letter a,b,c,d, f.
A=1,   B=2,   C=3,   D=4,   F=6

Now solve these ciphers; any substitution remains the same throughout the problem.
1. A x B = B  (What is A, what is B?)
2. C x B = F

3. A more difficult problem is

What numbers have been substituted for T. E, N, M?

1.      What letter is exactly in the middle of the alphabet?
2.      What’s the opposite of “not in”?
3.      A deaf and mute man and a blind man entered a hardware store together.  The deaf/mute man indicated to the clerk that he wanted a saw by pretending to saw a piece of wood.  The blind man wanted a pair of scissors.  How did he make the clerk understand what he wanted?
4.      Which would you prefer – that a lion ate you or a tiger?
5.      Tennis players and bowlers wear sneakers; football players wear shoes with cleats.  In what sport are the shoes made entirely of metal?
6.      What unusual word of 7 letters has three U’s in it?
World’s Easiest Quiz
1. How long did the 100 years’ war last?
2. Which country makes Panama hats?
3. From which animal do we get catgut?
4. In which month do Russians celebrate the October Revolution?
5. What is a camel’s hair brush made of?
6. The Canary Islands in the Pacific are named after what animal?
7. What was King George VI’s first name?
8. What color in a purple finch?
9. Where are Chinese gooseberries from?
10. What is the color of the black box in a commercial airplane?
 How many words can you make using the letters in TREMENDOUS? We found 169 !!

Rebuses, or Wordles, are pictures of words, phrases, song titles, whatever..

What are these rebuses?
1.   mce

2.  DEEF


4. One all all all all
     All  one one one one

Click here for the answers!
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