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What is Mental Aerobics?

Mental Aerobics: 'Brain Play' for those who enjoy a mental challenge,
  and are interested in maintaining ability to creatively problem solve
and perhaps connect a few new dendrites.

     'Mental Aerobics' is my own idea, created and developed in 1993 while I was working as a mental health counselor in a senior center, for use with older adults in a group setting. Older adults tend to be biased against other older adults; they often refuse to go to the activities at the senior center because they don't want to be around those 'old people'! Older people sometimes mistakenly believe that other older people are 'senile' and boring. I designed this program to prove to older adults that they, and their peers, can still think creatively and positively, and enjoy doing it.

    Mental Aerobics is fun!  At the time I created it, I was an Odyssey of the Mind coach. I tried using some of the same concepts of thinking outside the box and spontaneous problem solving with a group of older adults, and they loved it!  An expected side effect of Mental Aerobics has been the opportunity for older adults who participate in the sessions to meet and mingle with other like-minded senior citizens, and develop social relationships outside the sessions. 

    "Mental Aerobics presents various types of ‘brain games’ to be solved in a group setting of superannuated adults. Those with an abundance of years are encouraged to believe in their continuing ability to problem solve by their own successful performances."  -Dr. Bert Hayslip

 I will be delighted to come to your organization or club and do a Mental Aerobics Demonstration. Call me to set a date. 972-839-0065.
Remember, the point is NOT to find the answers. The point is to THINK and exercise your brain! Answers are a bonus.

Brain Play with Kay Paggi
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