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My Mother, Your Mother: Embracing “Slow Medicine”
The Compassionate Approach to Caring for Aging Loved Ones by Dennis McCullough, MD   Published 2008 Reviewed by Angela Thomas, RN, MSN, GCM
    The subtitle of this book gives much illumination as to its content however when you realize that the “My Mother” in the title raised one of America’s most experienced and respected geriatricians it is time to sit up and listen.  Dennis McCullough has written a compelling and compassionate story drawn from not only from his extensive professional experiences but his very personal journey of caring for his own mother.  His honesty about the challenges and realities of aging for the individual as well as for all those who love and care for them is refreshing and yet he equally shares the positive benefits and blessings of the journey.
    Dr. McCullough describes in detail “The Eight Stages of Late Life.”  Reading this book will help you see where on this continuum you and your loved one may be, where you may be heading and what choices you will have and the decisions that will need to be made in each stage.  The whole tenor of the book is one of equipping and preparing with the goal of empowering you, when the tough issues arise. 
    One weak point of the book was Dr. McCullough’s limited assessment of care managers and their value in this field.    Perhaps he does not know many of us, but we are some of the most ardent advocates for the idea of “slow medicine” for our clients and are passionate about helping our families navigate these rough waters of aging.  I would still highly recommend this book for everyone, whether you are caring for a loved one at the moment or not, because you will need the information it contains – maybe sooner than you think.  Finally, the book is written in an easy to read, conversational style which adds to its enjoyment and impact.
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