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Kay Speaks

Kay Speaking at TourchI spoke at the Texas Organization of Residential Care Homes (TORCH) at their annual conference in June 2014, held at the Menger Hotel in San Antonio.  My topic was the criteria a geriatric care manager uses to make recommendations, or not make a recommendation, based on what we see when we visit or what we hear from residents.

     I'll be delighted to speak for your club, Sunday School class, or other group.  I can create a specialized presentation for your group or you can choose from these. 

These are  popular topics.

*How to Age with Less Inconvenience

*Mental Aerobics Demonstration

*How to Help Caregivers Cope with Aging

*Caregiving: the Basics; Glossary of ElderSpeak, Housing Issues, Insurance Options, and Environmental Concerns

*Caregiving: Legal & Financial Issues

*Caregiving: Medical Issues

*The Role of a Geriatric Care Manager

*Activities for Dementia Patients (and their Caregivers)

*Amazing Agers

*Caregiver Anticipatory Grief: Dealing with the Loss before DeathKay Speaking on Eldercare

*Advance Care Planning

*Creating New Holiday Traditions

*Changing the Way You Communicate with Your Care Receiver

*Ministering to Those Experiencing Losses Due to Aging

         I was invited to speak at a national conference for Long Term Insurance held here in Dallas. My topic was how LTC policies and guidelines for applying for payment could be more user-friendly.


Speaking Contact

Contact Kay about speaking in your area.

E-Mail: Kay@kaypaggi.com

Phone: 972-839-0065
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