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Still Alice by Lisa Genova
Review by Linda Medlen
       This was a wonderful novel and a fast read. It was full of insights into the world of someone with Alzheimer’s and the fears and frustrations that they and their family experience. I wish I had read this before my mom’s diagnosis, because of the many insights that would have helped me understand what she was going through on many levels. I had several friends tell me they had read the book and enjoyed it. Anyone could read and enjoy the book, whether they experience Dementia personally.  I’m amazed how many people I know who are having it touch their lives with our aging population.
          Alice is a fifty-year-old psychology professor at Harvard and an expert in linguistics. She’s married with three children. She became forgetful and disoriented, thinking it was menopause and is finally diagnosed with early on-set Alzheimer’s. The way the story evolves shows how the disease affects her marriage, family, loss of her career and who she is. The author weaves the journey with facts and feelings of Alice, her family and co-workers into a novel that anyone can become a visitor in their lives. She was so brilliant in her world of academia and a strong willed woman who is losing her self and knows it. She has a suicide plan because she has visited an Alzheimer’s unit and doesn’t want to live like that and ruin her husband financially.
          The 1st time author has a Ph.D in neuroscience from Harvard and is an online columnist for the National Alzheimer’s Association. I think she tapped into something unique because I’ve read a lot of books for the caregiver. She’s written from the point of view of the person with Alzheimer’s. The Alzheimer’s Association gave her manuscript their stamp of approval and thought it was valuable. She was asked to do a blog and did and self-published the book because it would have taken years with a publishing house. I think this is a book I’ll read again.
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