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Stages of Senior Care: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Making the Best Decisions
by Paul & Lori Hogan
   This book will be helpful to those providing care to older adults across a wide spectrum of needs. It is a basic caregiving guide that could ease the burden of care for many years and in many differing care situations. The authors had previously developed a concept called the ‘40-70 Rule’ a guide to how to start the conversation about future care needs.   
   After initial introductory chapters, the book begins with a chapter set at the beginning of the caregiving journey with the care receiver living independently in the community. There are suggestions about how to make the environment safer and guidelines about the costs of these safety measures, and a discussion about the pros and cons of remaining in one’s home. At the end of the chapter there are valuable online resources.
   The book follows this format of discussion of issues, pros and cons, cost, and resources for caregiving scenarios as they become progressively more challenging from assisted living to the end of life. The Hogan’s’ are the founders and owners of the home care agency Home Instead. I expected the book to be biased in favor of remaining at home with in-home assistance. I was wrong. The book fairly presents the problems and expenses involved in staying in one’s home alongside other options and their problems and costs, with discussions of the advantages and disadvantages of each possibility. The resources at the end of chapters are thoroughly researched.  
   The book continues with discussions of funeral options and expenses that may be especially valuable for families of modest means or with family members living far from the care receiver. There are chapters on financing care, complicating issues, and an excellent chapter on taking care of the caregiver.
    I highly recommend this book, and will include it as a resource for everyone in my ElderCare/ Caregiver classes. It is available at Amazon for $12.89, with a 4 1/2 star rating.  
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